Checklist for a Secure Remote Audit

by | Apr 18, 2020 | Information

Recommended measures for your video conferencing system

  1. Use a registered account (not a free service)
  2. Make sure of latest software version
  3. Protect all meetings with a password
  4. Chose a service with a “waiting room” option, check-in all participants prior to start & banish intruders
  5. After start block meeting to prevent further access
  6. Restrict access rights to protect screen sharing against misuse

Requirements for secure document / information exchange

  1. Use a system with an easy to use interface & utilization to reduce the risk of long & cumbersome audits
  2. Assure ISO 27001 certification (Information Security Management)
  3. Assure high security standards for access (2 step authentication) & data transmission (min. 256-bit encryption)
  4. Be aware of server location (country / region); cloud solutions bear notable security risks Link to related article
  5. Be in full control by defining level of access rights for each user
  6. Use “secure document view” where content can be viewed but not downloaded /printed & no screenshots are possible